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Final Fantasy VIII

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Name Developer Filesize Downloads
Squall Saves Rinoa Guest 774KB 11,490
Zell Intro. Guest 321KB 1,163
Qusitis Into (Final Fantasy VIII) Guest 392KB 1,598
Selphie's Intro (Final Fantasy VIII Movie) Guest 232KB 1,804
Irvine's Intro (Final Fantasy VIII Movie) Guest 577KB 1,640
Edea's Intro (Final Fantasy VIII Movie) Guest 1.64MB 2,121
Final Fantasy 8 Intro Guest 30.01MB 34,762
Final Fantasy VIII Ending Guest 69.28MB 32,640
Final Fantasy VIII Ending Part I Guest 3.26MB 6,423
Final Fantasy VIII Ending Part II Guest 3.44MB 5,349
Final Fantasy VIII Ending Part III Guest 2.26MB 4,894
I'll Be Here FF8 AMV (wmv) Guest 9.61MB 891
Squall Saves Rinoa Guest 774KB 10,580
Sylver_FF8_Miss You Guest 38.99MB 4,430
Hero Guest 3.57MB 457
chocoboc[1].mid Guest 4KB 15
demoint[1].mid Guest 41KB 14
ff8ami[1].mid Guest 10KB 107
ff8balamb[1].mid Guest 13KB 219
ff8battle[1].mid Guest 41KB 16
ff8dollet[1].mid Guest 14KB 93
ff8intro[1].mid Guest 41KB 5
ff8odeka[1].mid Guest 4KB 4
ff8roses[1].mid Guest 18KB 77
ff8timber[1].mid Guest 11KB 48
ff8victory[1].mid Guest 13KB 204
rideon.mid Guest 48KB 100
FF8Attack.avi Guest 31.46MB 1,215
FF8BalambGarden.avi Guest 11.17MB 263
FF8BlockedShot.avi Guest 2.7MB 6
FF8Dance.avi Guest 46.85MB 4,603
FF8Edea.avi Guest 25.02MB 814
FF8EdeaStandsBeforeCrowd.avi Guest 5.85MB 357
FF8GalbadiaCrowd.avi Guest 4.21MB 6
FF8GalbadiaGarden.avi Guest 13.58MB 525
FF8GalbadiaIntro.avi Guest 4.82MB 5
FF8GateFalls.avi Guest 18.5MB 6
FF8GateFalls2.avi Guest 4.38MB 5
FF8IceBolt.avi Guest 22.94MB 1,083
FF8IguanaToLife.avi Guest 11.52MB 6
FF8IrvineIntro.avi Guest 9.05MB 371
FF8QuistisAppears.avi Guest 5.06MB 469
FF8RinoaIntro.avi Guest 6.38MB 1,901
10GardenBalcony.avi Guest 16.86MB 5
FF8SatelliteUp.avi Guest 34.89MB 556
11NearHit.avi Guest 3.83MB 330
12NearlyHitIsland.avi Guest 5.06MB 5
FF8SeiferWaiting.avi Guest 13.1MB 509
FF8SelphieIntro.avi Guest 6.56MB 7
13HitFishers.avi Guest 12.76MB 5
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